Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is taking so long.....

I know I haven't done the best of jobs of blogging but here is the update starting from Christmas until now.

Well for Christmas this year we got to go home to California. We left on Friday and didn't tell mom and dad that we were leaving. I so super sick the whole way down. I had the flu and it was not so much fun. But we were so glad that we made it safe and without any bad weather or car problems. While we were at home we got to go to the beach and drive the quad around. I forgot how much fun it is to be at home. We also got to go out and pick oranges off the tree just about everyday that we were there. I have a huge problem of buying oranges becuase of the fact that I can go out and pick them off the tree. So while I am in Idaho I usually don't have any unless someone else gets them. For Christmas this year I got a pretty sweet sewing machine that I am so excited to you use and James got the new Tony Hawk Wii game. We both had such a wonderful Christmas and we wouldnt trade it for anything.

So the Sunday after Christmas James, Dan and I jumped into the Civic and headed out to The Bobbi's. We got to spend New Years down there with the family so it was so much fun. It was the first time in 2 years that the whole family got together without having a wedding. I love when the family gets together and can share such great times together. While we were down there we had a ugly sweater contest that Becky Hoopes won because of her sweet dance moves. We also rode on a blow up ball. So you fill it up and climb inside at the top of a hill and roll on down. It was so much fun and it was great when someone would get out of the ball and couldn't walk straight with me being one of the them. We hated to leave at the end of the trip but both James and I had to get back to work.

I turned the big 26 this year and it was a ton of fun. James took me out to a really nice restaurant and when we got home he surprised me with having all of our friends over with cake and balloons. When I walked in after dinner the Hymas' and the Wyatts jumped up from behind the counter and scared me so bad. I am so super lucky to have friends that can come over and play. James got me a gift card to go get my nails done and super cute coat. He is so good at picking things out for me I just love him so much. Just a few days ago I decided to do the Teton Dam 10k. I am pretty excited and have started my training. I need to pick it up because June is going to get here before I know it. Other then getting ready for my 10k I am just working and trying to keep the house clean.

James has been doing homework like crazy and is doing really well in school. He is working and we have been talking about to do after we are all done with school and as of right now we are looking into Vegas but we will let you know what happens next.