Saturday, August 25, 2012

Once a month.... maybe

Well we have been kinda busy around here so I give myself a little bit of reason for being such a bad poster. I am still working at Target a couple of nights here and there and then I got an other job being a Nanny every other week for a couple of 9 year kids.  I can't complain because I can bring Declan with me if I want and James too.  The kids are good and pretty easy to hang out with but they both have their moments of being a nerd but what kid doesn't   James is still with Lifelock and he is working on trying to get management so we are praying and keeping fingers crossed for that to happen. We are both working hard and playing just as hard if not more.   Here is a couple of pictures to show what we have been up to.

We swim lots, eat popsicles lots, play with cousins, and watch tons of Yo Gaba Gaba and Backyardagains.