Monday, April 20, 2009

We love the cabin!

We love going up to the cabin whenever we have a chance. We know that when we move away from Idaho we wont be making it back up to the cabin as much as we would like. So our friends Steph and George came with us. It was such a relaxing weekend I could not have asked for anything better. We played games, snacked, watched movies and snacked some more. There was also some squirrel watching going on.

Our sweet outfits that we wore to open up the cabin on the way back from Ut. I had to wear James' shoes because mine kept getting wet. I know we look for stylish. Pretty sweet stuff if you ask me.

James is making some yummy smores. Since the ground was covered in snow all the fires had to be done indoors. Steph and George brought up the smore making stuff and we tried smores with Reese peanut butter cups and they were so good.

The boys watching for the squirrel. They put food out on the snow mound and watched it eat. But if the squirrel whose name was Jose would run away when he saw the boys watching him

Oh James

James loves to grow beards every now and then and he did this last week. He wanted to do a growing contest with a friend but it had to be cut short becuase of a wedding that we were going to. I am not a fan of the hair so I was so glad to see it go.