Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here is a little random post about what is going on. I know these pictures are not to recent but I just love my little man. I need to do better on writing but I feel like 1. not much goes on with us and 2. I am not a very good writer or speller. I know that those are not very good reasons but i use them.

Declan is growing every day. He is already about of the bucket car seat and into the bigger ones where he gets to face forward. I know we are a month earlier but he loves looking forward and a happy baby makes a happy mom. He is only walking when he is holding onto things but we can tell that any day he will take off. He is very fast crawler and I think beating mom to the stairs is more important than walking right now. His cousin has been walking for awhile and I think he is starting to wish he was more like here too. He is the best little man we could ever ask for. He says mum and dad but only when he wants something haha. He loves bath time and will stay in there even when the water goes cold. I can not wait for this summer when we can put him in the pool and let him hang. Mom and dad have a sweet salt water pool and I can tell you it will be used tons.
Declan going up to fast but at the hotel in Vegas.

At the Hoover Dam with the Wyatts

We went to the mall to see Santa but the line was super long and you had to pay $25 so we didnt see him and went to Bass Pro shop and got a picture for free.
His toy from Santa that he likes to sit in more then put the cars in.
On the road trip to Ca at a stop to change diapers and to let him stand.
James wanted to get a picture of him mad in his monster pjs.