Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is in the air............

I am a big fan of this time of year. It means I get to see my family and go home to the warm state of California. I am so sick of walking outside and feeling my nose hairs freeze but in just two short weeks I get to go home. I am so excited even James gets super excited when we talk about it. We both love Christmas becuase we get to spoil each other beyond belief. I know we are bad but hey it is just the two of us so we can. haha.

James asked me the other day if Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I said no, from October to March is my favorite time of the year becuase it is just jammed packed with fun things for us. From Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, My Birthday, Valentines, and our Anniversary we are just super busy but love it.

For those that are in California and Arizona we cant wait to see you and everyone else we will be back.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The pictures....

Good-bye to the old.....

Hello to the new!

My wonderful Frisbee team the Hurricanes that took second I couldn't have been more proud.
See I told you I was an over packer.

I know I know.......

I haven't blogged in forever and it is so bad. We have had a few things going on so I guess you could say I have been busy...hahaha.

We do have some fun news...... as many may already know we got a new car. It was a fun and scary at the same time. I say scary becuase it is a big money burden and I was just worried. We downsized from a 2002 blazer to a 2008 Honda civic. I must say we love our new car but adjusting to the size will take some time. I am a huge over packer and I will have to cut back. Our new car is super nice we feel way spoiled in it. It has a super nice navigation system and a moon-roof/sun-roof. (I am not sure what the difference is so yeah) But it was so much fun to go car shopping but by the end James was so done. I am window shopper so I enjoyed the looking but when we found the car that James feel in love with it was hard to look at anything else.

I started a second job working with a little girl at the school I already work for. She is as sweet as can be sometimes but others not so much. I start my day with her at 10:15 and go till school gets out. It has been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience for me to say the least. I learn something new everyday from her and I just hope she is learning from me. She has a learning disability and whatever she learns is from me and her other aide. It is such a fun feeling knowing that I am helping someone learn. She really makes me happy. I can feel myself becoming happier everyday even after we have hard days. So besides the new job I have been crafting and I must say I love it. It helps me relax and I think it is so much fun. I am not doing bows so much and more I have started to make little people and I am trying to make some dammit dolls. I will let you know how those go after I try it.

James is still working for the same company but in Jan. he will start a writing position there and he is super excited. He loves writing and correcting papers which i think is crazy but he just loves it. I think he should start charging people to correct their papers but we will see. He starts back up in school again in the winter and he is excited to get back in the classroom.

So besides work and a new car not much has been going on for us. We had a super fun Halloween party with the ward and I am pretty excited for Black Friday even though I don't think I have anyone to go with me. It makes me miss my sisters and my mom when I have no one to go shopping with. James has said he will go with me but it is just not the same as when you go with the girls but I will take him none the less.

The weather hasn't been to bad but today after church it just has been falling like crazy. I like coming into a warm house and having my space heater going and staying warm. I am not a fan of being cold in fact I hate being cold. That is why I am super excited to go home for Christmas and be in the warm sun.

I will have a post to follow with pictures and I hope that it wont take me forever to have another post. hehe

Friday, August 28, 2009

James turns 24!

So as poor college kids we didn't do much for James' birthday. I decorated his door so when we woke up got a little surprise. I made him his favorite cake and went to Grandma's house for dinner. I am not very good at making round cakes and every time I make an other one I learn something new. So don't judge if it looks a little off I tried. We also took some friends with us to Grandma's house to enjoy a yummy BBQ so thanks for coming Tatton, Kirsten and Brookey. Since I didn't want his birthday to go by with no gifts I got him a brand new golf towel. It is black and clean unlike his white(well now brown) nasty one.

Hanging with Mom and Dad

I love with my mom and dad come into town to play. Since I don't get to see them much because I live forever and a day away I always enjoy when they come up. I also love when they are here becuase Dad has the best stories of growing up here. I love just hearing him share what he did or where he has been. We got to go fishing in the Teton River which was fun for mom and I becuase we got to read and watch the boys. I know the boys had fun even though only one fish couldn't escape their flies.

We also went to James' grandmas house to visit her and show dad some of the farm equipment. As you can see some of the toys grandmas has brought dad back to when he was a little boy. We had a lot of fun while they were here and want them to come back again. We miss you guys.

Its been awile

So it has been over a month and I was going to let an other one go by but I thought I better not. So here I am blogging away. Tons have gone on I just have been to lazy to write about it. Now I could lie and say I have been busy but the truth is I am lazy.

Where to start..................

Ok I will start with my sweet trip to Az. I love going down there and visiting my sisters and brothers.
While I was down there we went to this way cool place where you got jump and slide on all these cool blow up things. It was fun to be with the kids and watch and also join in the fun. I got to eat at my favorite places while I was there like Panda express. It doesn't take much to make me a happy girl and being with my sisters and eating panda is one of the many ways to bring a smile to my face. Poor James had to stay at home in Rexburg and work and also go to school. We missed each other tons and have decided to not do long trips alone again, it is not just as much fun.

James and I would both love to end up down in Az some day but right now we just have to wait for school to get over with. We should be done by next summer so lets all keep our fingers crossed and pray that is when we will be done. I love being up here in Idaho but I am ready for something new. I know once we are gone we will miss it but James has family up here and so do I so visiting is always an option.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am bad

So I know it has been forever since I have posted anything but I guess you could say I was busy or just lazy which ever you would prefer. Since I am not working right now becuase it is summer I spend most of my day cleaning house and reading. Which I am not at all complaining about that because I love reading. But I do feel like I have become more lazy even though I am pretty sure I never feel like I have a min to myself. James is so busy with school sometimes I feel like we dont talk much and when we do it is about homework but that will all be over in a couple of weeks becuase the semester is coming to end which we are both super excited about. James is a far better student then I am so he puts more energy into his homework but he really enjoys his classes.

I went to Arizona a couple weeks ago and had the best time. It was just me that went for Layne's Baptisms becuase James has work and school. He was home alone for a week which I dont think we will ever do again. It is so much more fun to have him then to be without him. I just love spending time with my sisters. I so want to move down there so bad and be able to spend all the time with my sisters. James gets so excited about moving but we still have like a year left of school. We both want to be done with Rexburg but we know that as soon as we are gone we will miss it. But right now I would rather miss it then be here. haha.

In a couple of weeks some of the family is coming up to Ut to go to a wedding so James and I will be going down. Then my paretns will be coming up to go fishing and hang out. I love family so I get super excited when I get to spend time with them.

Well that is us in a nutshell and what we have been up to these past couple of weeks and what will be going on. I will post later with pictures.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Teton Dam Marathon

As some of you may know I have being running to get into shape but I have needed a reason to keep going becuase I am not a fan of just working out for no reason. So I decided to sign up for the Dam Marathon so yes that would make me a Dam Runner.

I am not a very good runner and haven't ran since High School like my Sophomore year which was a very long time ago. So I thought the 5k would be a very big challenge which in case it was. I started running around the end of march in Vans and James said I needed to get real running shoes. Now I hate the look of running shoes, I think they are ugly but I was able to find some cute pink ones so I was off and running.

The date of the race was June 13th and it was so much fun. I never thought I would be able to ever do this. Now I want to run an other one. Crazy I know I am just not the running type but it was such a cool feeling to be part of something and finish something big.

On the way up to the race!
Running past James. He was such a good supporter. He encouraged me the whole way and was the best fan. I love him so much and could not ask for a better supporter.
I did the whole race in 39 minutes when I thought it would take me over an hour.


Well as most of you may know I am coaching and playing Frisbee. I love it so much. It is a great workout and you get to be part of a team. I also have the best team becuase they work hard and have become great friends.

In these pictures I was just coaching and not playing so that is why I am not dressed out but the girls talked me into playing so I am now.
We played the Spartans and kicked butt.
We had a small team to start out with but have grown. We are the best looking team might I add!

The Zoo

Well a couple of weeks ago we went to the Idaho Falls Zoo with some friends. I have been wanting to go but between Frisbee games and rain we have been putting it off so we finally went. I had to so much fun. It was only $10 for both James an I to get about a deal. So we snapped a few pictures of the Penguins(of course), Monkeys, Lion, Tiger, and some other funny looking animals. I totally want to go again becuase it was just that much fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is up with us

So the Frisbee season has started again and I am so excited. This season we are the Hurricanes! I love coaching and I have a super good team. The girls are so funny because they keep calling me "Coach". We have a game on Friday and I have to think of something fun to make the girls. Last week I made them orange hair bows and Steph made them yummy cupcakes. If you can think of anything fun to make a team of Frisbee players let me know for sure. Besides doing homework all the time James still takes the time to come to games and be the team mom.
Speaking of James he is such a good Husband. He is so willing to put up with me. He is so busy with homework he hardly has time for himself but he seems to manage a golf game every now and then. He is really enjoying school and has found something he loves to study.
Well that is pretty much all that is going on with us. We are kinda boring. So for the next few months it will be Frisbee and James will continue in homework.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We love the cabin!

We love going up to the cabin whenever we have a chance. We know that when we move away from Idaho we wont be making it back up to the cabin as much as we would like. So our friends Steph and George came with us. It was such a relaxing weekend I could not have asked for anything better. We played games, snacked, watched movies and snacked some more. There was also some squirrel watching going on.

Our sweet outfits that we wore to open up the cabin on the way back from Ut. I had to wear James' shoes because mine kept getting wet. I know we look for stylish. Pretty sweet stuff if you ask me.

James is making some yummy smores. Since the ground was covered in snow all the fires had to be done indoors. Steph and George brought up the smore making stuff and we tried smores with Reese peanut butter cups and they were so good.

The boys watching for the squirrel. They put food out on the snow mound and watched it eat. But if the squirrel whose name was Jose would run away when he saw the boys watching him

Oh James

James loves to grow beards every now and then and he did this last week. He wanted to do a growing contest with a friend but it had to be cut short becuase of a wedding that we were going to. I am not a fan of the hair so I was so glad to see it go.

Monday, March 23, 2009

One Year!

We have made it. One year together and oh what a year it has been. We have loved everyday of it. I mean who doesn't have hard days but we all get over them. For our one year we went up to Jackson Hole. We stayed at a way cute hotel and went King Hill tubing which was a blast. We also went to Ripleys Believe it or Not. It had some really cool stuff and we would do it again. We had so much fun and want to go back to Jackson this summer. Instead of buying each other gifts we went out of town and got Jackson shirts and mug.

We have loved our first year together and have learned so much. I am so happy to be married to James. We are both excited to see what the

James didnt like the fact that I kissed the Yak!
(Ok I really didnt)