Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's been awhile...

So yes I know that we have been MIA for a long while but lets just say lots have been going on. We are.....expecting our very first baby boy. We couldn't be more excited for our little man to join our family. He is due March 3rd and we have picked the name Declan James Jackson. I love him so much already and when he moves I cant help but smile. I get so excited to know that he is there growing and getting bigger everyday. I cant wait for him to get here. I am also very scared for him to get here becuase for the past almost 3 years it has just been James and I and we pretty much do whatever we want and now that will change. But even with the big change I am so excited for Declan to come and join us. I know that every soon to be parent thing of what will their baby be like and what will he/she act like. I know we can't worry about that because who knows what the future will hold but all I can say I am so excited. I love my little man so much. I will have to post belly pictures and pictures of him on the ultrasound soon. I will make no promises becuase I am not doing very good on the whole posting thing.

James has graduated from BYU-Idaho and we have moved to Arizona near family. It is crazy to not be in Rexburg. We do miss the life we had up there and I knew i would say it but never this quick. haha. I think we miss the things of Rexburg that you cant get anywhere but there. We miss Reed's Chocolate Milk, Horkley's, Apple Beer, Bajio's, New York Burrito and Craigo's. I know we will be back up to visit family because James has family up there and our friends are still up there for the next long while. haha. We do miss them a ton. We hope they come and visit. With that said we do love being near family and all the silliness that it brings.

James is working from home doing writing which he loves. I am working at University of Phoenix and I could be more excited for baby to come and join us. haha. We have started the hunt to look for a new home becuase we want to buy. I know crazy how fast life is going with the new baby and house hunting I am just not sure when it will slow down. We would love to have a new home before he gets here but we shall see what happens.

Here are a few pictures to hold everyone over till I can post some of what has been going on.