Friday, August 28, 2009

James turns 24!

So as poor college kids we didn't do much for James' birthday. I decorated his door so when we woke up got a little surprise. I made him his favorite cake and went to Grandma's house for dinner. I am not very good at making round cakes and every time I make an other one I learn something new. So don't judge if it looks a little off I tried. We also took some friends with us to Grandma's house to enjoy a yummy BBQ so thanks for coming Tatton, Kirsten and Brookey. Since I didn't want his birthday to go by with no gifts I got him a brand new golf towel. It is black and clean unlike his white(well now brown) nasty one.

Hanging with Mom and Dad

I love with my mom and dad come into town to play. Since I don't get to see them much because I live forever and a day away I always enjoy when they come up. I also love when they are here becuase Dad has the best stories of growing up here. I love just hearing him share what he did or where he has been. We got to go fishing in the Teton River which was fun for mom and I becuase we got to read and watch the boys. I know the boys had fun even though only one fish couldn't escape their flies.

We also went to James' grandmas house to visit her and show dad some of the farm equipment. As you can see some of the toys grandmas has brought dad back to when he was a little boy. We had a lot of fun while they were here and want them to come back again. We miss you guys.

Its been awile

So it has been over a month and I was going to let an other one go by but I thought I better not. So here I am blogging away. Tons have gone on I just have been to lazy to write about it. Now I could lie and say I have been busy but the truth is I am lazy.

Where to start..................

Ok I will start with my sweet trip to Az. I love going down there and visiting my sisters and brothers.
While I was down there we went to this way cool place where you got jump and slide on all these cool blow up things. It was fun to be with the kids and watch and also join in the fun. I got to eat at my favorite places while I was there like Panda express. It doesn't take much to make me a happy girl and being with my sisters and eating panda is one of the many ways to bring a smile to my face. Poor James had to stay at home in Rexburg and work and also go to school. We missed each other tons and have decided to not do long trips alone again, it is not just as much fun.

James and I would both love to end up down in Az some day but right now we just have to wait for school to get over with. We should be done by next summer so lets all keep our fingers crossed and pray that is when we will be done. I love being up here in Idaho but I am ready for something new. I know once we are gone we will miss it but James has family up here and so do I so visiting is always an option.