Friday, January 27, 2012

I know I know........

I am by far the worst blogger ever. I love to read others and see what is going on with them but then I feel like I am out of time for me. Well maybe that is just an accuse but don't judge I have been busy.

I know I have lots of catching up to do since Oct so I guess I can start and say we had a fun first Halloween. Declan was a farmer in cute overalls and a plaid shirt, then he was a monster and last but not least he was bat man. We went to two Halloween parties and he had to dress up on Halloween. It was fun and very low keys. We did our ward party and got to see all the cute kids dressed up and did Bobbi's ward party and got to hand out more candy and see more kids. On Halloween we hung out at mom and dad's house in the drive way and handed out candy and ate soup. Declan also started really moving in October and he did a funny little crab crawl as Grandma Hoopes calls it. He is growing up way to fast for my liking.

November was an eventful month full of tons of things to be grateful for. We did dinner over at Bob's with the whole family minus those that live in Ca but we did miss them tons. Us girls broke out the ads after dinner because we needed to make our plan of attack for black Friday shopping. Poor us all got the flu from throwing up in Walmart to leaning out the car door at Target. We got all the shopping done even though poor Bethany had to go home because she was so sick and I had to call it an early night because James had to go to work at 4 and I was throwing up too. It was a fun night none the less but next year we hope to not get sick and really show them what the Hoopes girls are made of.

December started off a little rough and I can honestly say that it was the worst month by far this past year. Now many of you may know me and my love for Christmas and how excited I get in like July for it to get here but this year was not so good. When Christmas finally got here it was great but leading up to it I could have done without. I am so thankful for my family and friends and all the love that they shared with me and how helpful they all were. I know I wasn't the most fun this year but next year at Christmas I promise it will be better.

January was a good month because it was Birthday month for me and I lived it up. We got to go to California and to Las Vegas so it was fun and busy. James surprised me and stayed home from work to just hang out which is what we did. He got me flowers and a beautiful necklace which i just love.

I am now a part time Target employee. Yea for me and my sweet discount. I really like working there. I only work a few nights a week and it is just enough to take some stress off the bill paying. I am sales floor so I pretty much walk around and make the clothes look nice and put back everything that someone else ditched along the way. I think it is fun to help people and see what they are buying and I also have just been trained in cashiering which is fun too because I get to see what everyone is buying. If you know me, you know that I love to know what is going on and maybe a little noisy but I don't see it as a bad thing. I full embrace it. HAHA!

James is still at LifeLock but wants to find a better job because he is sick of being on the phones and who could blame him. He is always looking for a good job so if you hear of anything let us know. He is working hard and being a wonderful husband and dad.

We are still working on the house which feels like a never ending story and I am not a huge fan of cleaning but I have been working on getting better. I like to play to much to clean but I am working on it. So forgive me if my house is a little on the not so pretty side. haha.