Sunday, November 22, 2009

I know I know.......

I haven't blogged in forever and it is so bad. We have had a few things going on so I guess you could say I have been busy...hahaha.

We do have some fun news...... as many may already know we got a new car. It was a fun and scary at the same time. I say scary becuase it is a big money burden and I was just worried. We downsized from a 2002 blazer to a 2008 Honda civic. I must say we love our new car but adjusting to the size will take some time. I am a huge over packer and I will have to cut back. Our new car is super nice we feel way spoiled in it. It has a super nice navigation system and a moon-roof/sun-roof. (I am not sure what the difference is so yeah) But it was so much fun to go car shopping but by the end James was so done. I am window shopper so I enjoyed the looking but when we found the car that James feel in love with it was hard to look at anything else.

I started a second job working with a little girl at the school I already work for. She is as sweet as can be sometimes but others not so much. I start my day with her at 10:15 and go till school gets out. It has been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience for me to say the least. I learn something new everyday from her and I just hope she is learning from me. She has a learning disability and whatever she learns is from me and her other aide. It is such a fun feeling knowing that I am helping someone learn. She really makes me happy. I can feel myself becoming happier everyday even after we have hard days. So besides the new job I have been crafting and I must say I love it. It helps me relax and I think it is so much fun. I am not doing bows so much and more I have started to make little people and I am trying to make some dammit dolls. I will let you know how those go after I try it.

James is still working for the same company but in Jan. he will start a writing position there and he is super excited. He loves writing and correcting papers which i think is crazy but he just loves it. I think he should start charging people to correct their papers but we will see. He starts back up in school again in the winter and he is excited to get back in the classroom.

So besides work and a new car not much has been going on for us. We had a super fun Halloween party with the ward and I am pretty excited for Black Friday even though I don't think I have anyone to go with me. It makes me miss my sisters and my mom when I have no one to go shopping with. James has said he will go with me but it is just not the same as when you go with the girls but I will take him none the less.

The weather hasn't been to bad but today after church it just has been falling like crazy. I like coming into a warm house and having my space heater going and staying warm. I am not a fan of being cold in fact I hate being cold. That is why I am super excited to go home for Christmas and be in the warm sun.

I will have a post to follow with pictures and I hope that it wont take me forever to have another post. hehe

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  1. Welcome back blogger. :) Congrats on the new car - Honda Civic's are the best!!! Glad you two are doing well.