Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to the life of The Jackson 2!

So I have thought blogging for sometime and since school was canceled today I didn't have to work so here I am blogging away. I am not sure how exciting our little life will be to many of you but we are loving just having the two of us to worry about.

I work for the school district by yelling at kids in after-school. All jokes aside I love my job. When that little kid runs up to you and wants you on their team it makes things better. I am all done with school which is super nice but now I have to be an adult. He is doing really good and excited to be in school and is loving his classes. He was a business major but I talked him into trying out communication classes and he has really enjoyed them.

The whole school district that I work in was canceled today because of extreme cold weather. It has to be -19 for them to cancel and when James left for class this morning it was -25. I am not going to lie sitting at home and getting paid for it is super nice.

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  1. Yeah!!! You have joined in the blogging fun! Miss you