Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Do!

James has been growing out his hair for sometime and keeping it nice and trimmed for school. Since he cant let it go past his collar or his ears he gets it trimmed every month. Well today was the day he got it all cut off. I must say he looks very dashing with his new do. So here are the before and after pictures!
I also got my haircut but since I am not to daring it was just a trim and she shortened up my bangs for me. I know, I know I just can't get rid of my long hair I just love it so much and I am pretty sure there would be an uproar. Ok maybe not an uproar but I know a few people would be sad.

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  1. Hey Becks! How are you doing? Are you guys still here in town? If you are give me a call and we'll have to plan something together. Maybe we'll even be able to drag Laura up for the day. Hope things are going well for you!