Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Year Old....

Declan turned One on the 11th and that was a bitter sweet day because he is growing up and not so little anymore but oh so sweet to see how much he has grown and to see how much more he has to go. That little Dude just wiggles right into your heart and you just love him so much. Since Declan was born we always talked about how such a boy he is and that everything he does just screams boy. It couldn't be more true then when he is playing with Miss Kate and she comes out carrying a spoon and Declan comes out pushing a car making the "car noise". I so lucky to have him.

We did a little pirate party for him, well little is an understatement. We had over 30 people there because we had a ton of family come in from out of town and it all just happened on the same day. He got some sweet toys like a hot wheels car holder, raceway, cute clothes and some shoes. He wont remember this day but I always will and I think that is what first birthdays are all about. They are more for moms and that she made it through this first year in one piece and no one died. We had so much fun but it goes way to fast. What will the next year I have no idea but I am sure it will be just as great and Declan will get into even more trouble.

ake Grandma made him....
Eating the cake....
The aftermath.
I just love his eyes in this pictures.

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